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Water Damage

Water Damage
Water / Flood / Sewer Damage Services
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  • Full Sewer Hazard Containment

  • Water damage is one of the most destructive disasters a building can endure. At Elemental Restoration, we have years of experience restoring all types of properties to their original condition. Leading the industry with outstanding customer service, our certified professionals are equipped with the latest in rebuilding technologies. This enables us to provide exceptional repairs to leaks, backups and damages in all types of properties.

    Elemental Restoration can tackle almost every type of water and sewage damage. Before we start, we have to identify the source and severity of the issue. This is where our free visual estimate comes in. Normally, there are two types of leaks: slow leakage and steady spray. While both harmful, slow leaks tend to host a multitude of potential issues. Mould and mildew run rampant in untreated slow leak areas. Steady spray leaks are more likely to be identified sooner than their slower, more destructive counterparts.

    Unfortunately, even the most well intentioned property owner will commonly underestimate the scope of work needed to complete total water damage repairs. Without the aid of professionals, unseen issues can arise that are likely to render a home unlivable. Even with readily available rental machines at your disposal and the huge number of do it yourself mold removal advice there is on the internet, the assistance of a certified professional team is recommended. Our inspectors and technicians take the greatest care to ensure you and your family will be able to be back at home with minimal waiting. Elemental Restoration can handle all of your water damage needs, as well as the secondary issues that may arise.

    Insurance Approved Water Damage Restoration

    Elemental Restoration works in tandem with most Canadian Insurance Companies to expedite the restoration process. We have the technology and knowledge to efficiently remedy seemingly disastrous of situations, getting you back to your property in a timely fashion. Pairing with Insurance companies ensures your project is handled, from start to finish, in a way that makes it convenient and easy for you to understand.

    Our team is accessible 24/7, and are available to respond to you within 50 minutes of your emergency.

    Water Removal & Drying

    Our water removal services are designed to not only eliminate the current issue, but determine the source, and prevent future disasters. Whether your property has water damage from roof leaks, or water damage from foundation leaks, we have extraction methods to meet the needs of every job.

    Addressing water damage is the first step in the restoration process. The quicker the water is removed and the area is dry, the less likely secondary issues will arise, like mold and mildew.


    We offer extensive waterproofing services, for both inside and outside your property. Elemental Restoration’s Internal, External and Remedial waterproofing services are designed to treat and prevent all types of disasters.

    Thermal Imaging

    Using the latest in Thermal Imaging technology, Elemental Restoration can easily pinpoint problem areas. Through this non-invasive Thermal Camera Inspection process, we are able to see exactly where an issue’s source is. We have found that most Thermal Camera Inspections take around 90 minutes to complete, and property owners are encouraged to join us on the walk-through of their properties.

    Once the inspection has wrapped up, we can give you the scope of work that will be required in the repairs process.

    We offer this service in a number of applications, including:

    Mold Testing & Mold Detection Flood Damage Leak Detection Sewer Damage Water Damage Foundation Leaks

    Sewage Backups

    Typically, sewage backup involves the reverse flow of sewage from plumbing, back into the property. Unfortunately, sewer backups are not only one of the more common household issues, but one of the more dangerous. Bringing with them a slew of health issues, if not treated quickly and properly, this is a messy job that needs to be done right the first time.

    When we arrive on site, our certified plumbers will immediately set to work to stop the backup. This usually gives you access to use some of the other plumbing on your property. Elemental Restoration’s IIRC certified technicians have years of experience with quick and efficient Sewer backup repairs and preventative maintenance.

    Content Restoration Services

    Elemental Restoration’s goal is to keep you as informed and stress-free as possible, while we work to get your property back in order. We offer a number of solutions to your situation, including Packing Services.

    When we come in to begin your project, we will evaluate every item in the area. From here we evaluate which is salvageable, and with diligent documentation, we will disinfect, and move the items to a safe location to begin the restoration process.

    Additionally, we aim to minimalize the damage to the contents of the area through our Content Restoration services. Using state-of-the-art techniques, we are able to quickly identify what can be saved, and begin the procedures.

    In most cases, we can restore:

    Documents Furniture Art Work Photos Clothing Carpets

    Preventative Services

    Keep your home safe from disasters by preventing them in the first place. Our team of IIRC Certified technicians are specially trained to identify and prevent problem areas from becoming more of an issue. We provide preventative services with most property restoration projects, to keep you and your property safe.

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